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Single Pl Tubes

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PLC Globe G23, PLC Globe 2G11

High quality, long life, energy saving lamps.

Applications: Ideal for downlights and wall lights, for commercial and domestic applicationssuitable for indoor use or in protected exterior applications.


G23 2G11

More Information
CodeTypeWattwgeBase CapDimensionColour TempreactureLumens
7W PLC 827Single PL7G2331x18x1372700400
7W PLC 840Single PL7G2331x18x1374000400
9W PLC 27Single PL9G2331x18x1372700600
9W PLC 840Single PL9G2331x18x1374000600
11W PLC 840Single PL11G2331x18x2374000900
18W PLC 840Single PL182G1144x24x22540001200
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