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Aus Lights Blogs

  • Lighting Guide: Colour temperature

    When buying a light bulb, it is important to choose a colour temperature that suits your preference, space or application.

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  • 3 quick ways to make your home feel like Christmas

    No snow? No problem. Christmas in Australia is all about longer days and summer heat, but that does not stop us from enjoying the festive season.

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  • Do you need the Big Fan?

    Ceiling fans are a cost-effective solution to cool or maintain a comfortable temperature in a room. Besides traditional ceiling fans, big ceiling fans are now gaining popularity for areas needing a more powerful performance, such as large alfresco areas, warehouses, offices and restaurants.

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  • 5 Benefits of Ceiling Fans

    As summer is just around the corner, it is time for us to prepare our homes for the warmer weather. However, before jumping straight to air conditioning systems, it is worth considering another cost-effective cooling option – ceiling fans.

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  • Lighting ideas for a spring backyard makeover

    Finally, the warmer days are here!

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  • Quick ways to improve your bathroom

    A UK research has found that an average person spends about one and half years of their lifetime in the bathroom. That’s a lot of time spent in an otherwise overlooked room in the house! The bathroom is the place we start and end the day with. Besides using it...

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  • Easy ways to maintain your outdoor lighting

    Outdoor lighting allows you to enjoy the yard and garden even after the sun goes down. But more than that, strategically placed outdoor fixtures can actually enhance the beauty of your home exterior and surroundings. Plus, by illuminating your porch, driveway, walkway, deck and backyard, these lights also improve safety...

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  • How to clean glass pendant lights

    Glass pendant lights make a perfect addition in the kitchen, especially above the bench. Besides giving the area an extra boost of light, glass pendant lights can also provide a modern, finishing touch to the kitchen, or even work as a statement piece. However, as we know, nothing stays clean...

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  • How to choose the perfect lamp

    When it comes to decorating your home, sometimes it’s the little details that count. A simple update in lighting can completely change the feel of a room, and provide the perfect finish you never knew you were missing until that moment. So, what kind of lights should you get? It...

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  • Dazzle with gold lights in your home

    If you’re looking to turn your home from drab to fab, gold accents are what you need. Gold, both the colour and the material, is something that never goes out of trend, which means it will work for your home interior all year long and not just for Easter. But...

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