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  • Choosing the right outdoor ceiling fans for your home

    The classic Melbourne summer is well and truly here. The endless trips to parks and beaches can only perhaps be beaten by an afternoon nap in the backyard, enjoying the warmth and fresh breeze – perfect for a blissful siesta.

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  • Summer lovin happened so fast

    In the past few years we have become aware of the need to lower our energy consumption in the energy appliances and bills, and when as a community we all make an effort to reduce energy use, we make a significant IMPACT on a large scale to the environment. Here...

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  • Stay warm with ceiling fans this winter

    Interested in keeping your house warmer in winter without incurring a hefty heating bill? Keeping your ceiling fan on might just do the trick. While this may sound counter intuitive at first, this is sound advice that you must actively consider. Typically, we tend to close our houses in winters...

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  • Exterior lighting looks to inspire for Summer

    As Summer is fast approaching we have selected some of our finest exterior lighting products to suit a vast selection of exterior applications, whether it be the decking ,retaining wall, alfresco / bbq area or garden. We can design, create and advise, on your outdoor area. Our vision is to...

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  • Elevate the beauty of your house with outdoor tree lights

    Trees help enhance the look of any landscape. From small shrubbery to dense trees, there’s a variety of foliage you can expect in your landscape when buying a house, and a lot can be done to make them an attractive element of the property, in addition to the benefits they...

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  • What do Napoleon, Chanel and Marie Antoinette have in common? All things French

    If you're someone who loves sleek, sophisticated furniture and lighting paired with comfortable linen and old world charm, perhaps French provincial lighting is for you. This interior design evokes with natural grace that is achieved by effortless arrangement of raw materials, making use of wrought iron, crystal, stone and metals...

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  • Adorn your house with exterior wall lights

    When it comes to creating an inviting outdoor living space, much of the focus is firmly put on finding the right furniture. Couches and armchairs must be comfortable, but look impressive. Cushions must be able to withstand the elements, but also add an attractive pop of colour. And of course...

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  • Australian Lighting Winter Warmers

    Whats’ misssing from this picture is mood lighting for those long winter nights, cosied up on the couch. Our in- house lighting designers and experts @ Australian Lighting recommend the following pieces to enhance this look to take it to the wow level and create ambient lighting throughout your home. Take a look at what is trending now.

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  • New products in store now: dimmable and colour changing globes

    Fact: Even though sunlight appears warm and golden from where you sit right now, the sun is actually bright white when seen from space. This is because its light is not scattered by our atmosphere. Interestingly, from Venus you wouldn’t see the sun at all, as the atmosphere is too...

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  • Led Outdoor Lighting for Melbourne’s Summer Months

    With the wintertime blues finally beginning to depart from the shores of Victoria, the state is beginning to consider how best to spend the dog days of summer. For many of us, that means it is time to deck out our outdoor spaces. And there are few better methods than installing some outdoor or LED lighting arrangements on your Melbourne property.

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