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Monthly Archives: July 2017

  1. Adorn your house with exterior wall lights

    Adorn your house with exterior wall lights

    When it comes to creating an inviting outdoor living space, much of the focus is firmly put on finding the right furniture. Couches and armchairs must be comfortable, but look impressive. Cushions must be able to withstand the elements, but also add an attractive pop of colour. And of course – furniture must be placed in strategic positions to effortlessly show off that vintage armchair you found online, while also encouraging conversation and laughter well into the night.


    With the spotlight shining brightly on furniture, it’s very easy to forget about another, much more affordable way to transform your outdoor area into something truly wonderful: lighting. Outdoor lights turn your yard into a lively, fun space – perfect for hosting happy get-togethers on balmy summer nights and bringing a feeling of warmth to the gloomiest of winter days.


    But when it comes to choosing the right kind of exterior lights, things can get a little

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  2. Australian Lighting Winter Warmers

    Australian Lighting Winter Warmers


    Whats’ misssing from this picture is mood lighting for those long winter nights, cosied up on the couch. Our in- house lighting designers and experts @ Australian Lighting recommend the following pieces to enhance this look to take it to the wow level and create ambient lighting throughout your home. Take a look at what is trending now.

    image2 (1)

    The Olympia Pendant Designed by Mercator Lighting, is a modern take on the more traditional Chandelier, by introducing black this chandelier is brought into the modern era. And with its rectangular cut crystal pieces, gives this piece a Geometric look.

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  3. New products in store now: dimmable and colour changing globes

    New products in store now: dimmable and colour changing globes

    Fact: Even though sunlight appears warm and golden from where you sit right now, the sun is actually bright white when seen from space. This is because its light is not scattered by our atmosphere. Interestingly, from Venus you wouldn’t see the sun at all, as the atmosphere is too thick. And you would be dead.

    Thankfully, if you require white light, you don’t need to travel to outer space to find it. In fact, you can enjoy the ambience of warm light, as well as the practically of cool, white light from the comfort of your own home, with a little help from Australian Lighting. We understand that the mood of a room depends on the colour and intensity of light being emitted from its globe. Good lighting – the right lighting - is not optional, it’s a necessity.

    Our latest product range ensures you have the right light for every occasion. Whether you’re working hard on a new brief and need

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  4. Led Outdoor Lighting for Melbourne’s Summer Months

    Led Outdoor Lighting for Melbourne’s Summer Months

    With the wintertime blues finally beginning to depart from the shores of Victoria, the state is beginning to consider how best to spend the dog days of summer. For many of us, that means it is time to deck out our outdoor spaces. And there are few better methods than installing some outdoor or LED lighting arrangements on your Melbourne property.

    Our ultra-efficient and versatyile lights bring modern, efficient lighting in to your home. Long-lasting and hard-wearing, LEDs offer your home a lighting solution that can be used all across the home. Our hard-wearing outdoor lights enable you to bring a soft, gentle light in to your outdoor space, providing ambiance and safety well in to the wee hours.

    Lights such as these offer your space a breather from the harsh intensity of overhead deck lights, bringing a pleasant, diffused light, which does not glare harshly and blind those enjoying the outdoors. They can easily be employed to light your outdoor pathways, illuminate steps

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  5. The Advantages of LED Lighting for Melbourne’s dark nights

    The Advantages of LED Lighting for Melbourne’s dark nights

    Melbourne, If you're looking for an option that is maintenance free, buzz/hum free, and damage free. LED lighting is the way to go. Led has the hi-tech ability to convert watts to lumens, giving you directional source to place light, exactly where you desire, with the assurance of it rarely going out.

    We've selected the best advantages for going LED to help light up Melbourne's darkest nights.

    • LED Savings $$$
      LED bulbs provide a 75-80% improvement in power savings. And LED's last almost three times longer than the average light bulb. On average, LED bulbs typically last 25,000-50,000 hours with excellent Energy Star ratings while classic bulbs last only 1,000 hours.
    • Energy efficiency:
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