4 Tips for Entertaining Friends and Family Outdoors

Hello longer days and warmer temperature! No more hiding indoors from the winter cold. It is time to run wild outside and enjoy the beautiful spring weather!

If you, like us, are thinking of taking advantage of this season to entertain friends and family outdoors, here are some tips to help you make it a great alfresco party.

Bring out the food and drinks

Like, literally, bring the food and drinks to the outside of the house. It would make it easier for your guests to grab and eat as they mingle in the yard without having to keep entering your house to refill.

If you are having a barbeque, ensure everything you need is within easy reach – the meat, the sauce, the tongs. Basically, move your kitchen outside.

It is also important to keep hydrating your guests in the warmer weather, so consider setting up a drink station at the outdoor party area.

Keep everyone cool and comfortable

Although it is now the perfect time for outdoor

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