3 Quick and Easy Christmas Lighting Ideas

It’s that time of the year when Christmas trees and wreaths are in high demand! However, as you begin decorating the interior of your home for Christmas, don’t forget about your garden and yard! Extend the magic of Christmas to the outside of your house with… lights!

Here are three quick and easy ways to light up your house for the festive season.


Candles are usually at the top of the list when it comes to Christmas decorations. Nobody knows when candles and Christmas became correlated in the first place, but one of the earliest reports of candles being used during Christmas is during the middle ages, where a big candle was apparently used to portray the star of Bethlehem.

If you are planning an outdoor Christmas party, you should definitely consider adding candles to your décor. They create an intimate ambience and a relaxed mood, perfect if you are hosting a party for close family and friends.

Seasonal candles are easy to get and usually come in designs that fit into the holiday theme. And, if you go for scented holiday candles, you will be able to treat your guests to cosy Christmas aromas too.

String lights

Christmas simply does not feel as festive without some string lights around! Also known as fairy lights or icicle lights, you can use them to decorate your outdoor trees and instantly transform them into Christmas trees. You can string the lights among the interior branches as well as the exterior branches to make the entire tree brighter, and add some ornaments to reflect light.

These string lights can also be draped over fences to create a gorgeous border around your garden. Or, you can use white icicle lights to create a sense of falling snow to help take your mind off the sweltering Aussie heat this season.

Festoons are another type of string light you can consider. Festoons are currently very on-trend, and they make fantastic outdoor garden lights. You can use them to accent low level roof lines, swag in and between greenery to create a light canopy, or hang them loosely against the walls for a relaxed resort look.

As they are made to last, you can leave your festoon lights on display all year round. Plus, their contemporary design makes them suitable for all seasons and festivals.

LED strip lighting

If you are looking for brighter Christmas decorations, consider using LED strip lighting. RGB LED strips, especially, are great to add some splash of colour. Made of red, green and blue LEDs, these colours can be combined to produce millions of hues of light!

LED strips are flexible and can be used in a variety of applications. Because they bend easily, you are able to use them in locations that are often hard to illuminate properly. You can also cut the LED strip to length, which means you are not bound by space requirements for your lighting.

LED strips can be placed along the outer edges of patios and decking, as well as along steps. You can even use them as an art display – create trees or animals or anything else you can think of!

These three easy ways will make your home merry and bright, and get you ready for the Yuletide season.

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