4 Tips for Entertaining Friends and Family Outdoors

Hello longer days and warmer temperature! No more hiding indoors from the winter cold. It is time to run wild outside and enjoy the beautiful spring weather!

If you, like us, are thinking of taking advantage of this season to entertain friends and family outdoors, here are some tips to help you make it a great alfresco party.

Bring out the food and drinks

Like, literally, bring the food and drinks to the outside of the house. It would make it easier for your guests to grab and eat as they mingle in the yard without having to keep entering your house to refill.

If you are having a barbeque, ensure everything you need is within easy reach – the meat, the sauce, the tongs. Basically, move your kitchen outside.

It is also important to keep hydrating your guests in the warmer weather, so consider setting up a drink station at the outdoor party area.

Keep everyone cool and comfortable

Although it is now the perfect time for outdoor entertaining, the heat can sometimes get a little uncomfortable. Provide some umbrellas, or, if possible, set up some canopies for those who are looking for some shade from the blazing sun.

Outdoor ceiling fans do a good job in keeping guests cool in patios and alfresco areas, or you can set up some outdoor fans around the space to keep the breeze coming.

Light up the lawn

Is that a dog? A pillow? Or a pack of sausages? Don’t party in the dark. As the day begins to fade, ensure you have sufficient outdoor lighting in your garden or backyard. Outdoor garden lights like this Garden Spike Light work well to illuminate pathways and bring out the features in your yard.

For decorative ambient lighting, candles, lanterns or tealights are good options to create a subtle and easy-going atmosphere. You can also consider string lights for a festive or magical feel.

Outdoor wall lights are a more permanent option, and they can totally transform the look of your house from the outside. You can either jazz it up with some modern wall lights, or go for the classic effect.

Have a play area

If there are going to be kids in the party, don’t forget to plan out something for them. When the little ones are bored, that’s when things can get a little crazy and chaotic.

Create a little ‘kids corner’ or play area in the backyard, where all the little humans can spend their time and energy. You can put out some toys, books, paper and pencils or crayons for a colouring session, as well as fun party favours like balloons or bubbles. If you’re up for it, having a game session for the kids might work really well too!

Be prepared with a backup plan

The truth of the matter is that our Melbournian weather can always change in a moment! Just in case the wind picks up, make sure everything light, like the tablecloth and the napkins, is weighed down with heavier items.

You might be able to ignore light showers if you have some shaded areas for guests to take cover for a while. However, it is always good to have a backup plan – like an indoor area that can accommodate your guests – so that your party can go on even if the skies decide to open up.

There you have it – the four tips for entertaining friends and family outdoors.

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