5 Ways to Make Your Bedroom Cosy for Autumn

Autumn is here, and along with it comes cooler weather, colourful leaves, and a romantic atmosphere.


As this season brings darker and colder days, it is also perfect for snuggling indoors with a nice cup of hot tea. So why not take the time to make your bedroom more inviting and autumnal?


Here are some quick ideas on how to make your bedroom cosy and comfy for autumn:


Incorporate some autumn colour tones

What says autumn more than warm and rich colour tones such as rusty orange, chestnut, burgundy, chocolate and mustard yellow? By infusing these colours into your bedroom, you will instantly transform your space into an autumnal haven.

Bring in the big, heavy blanket

Bring in the big, heavy blanket

Another way to cosy up your bedroom is to switch out your bedding to a more wintery option, and dress it up with a big, fluffy winter doona. Add in some knit blankets or faux-fur throws, which will definitely come in handy to provide an extra touch of warmth during the colder nights!


Rug it on

Cold floors are the worst. But whether your bedroom has hard flooring or carpeted, adding rugs will definitely increase the cosy factor. Use a rug with bold autumn colours or patterns as an accent piece, or go for more neutral rugs for a harmonious feel.

Make use of decorative pieces

Make use of decorative pieces

The easiest way to bring autumn into your bedroom is with decorative items. Display orange and red leaves or branches, woodland motifs, wood furnishings, artisanal ornaments or golden accent pieces. If you are feeling more adventurous, try an autumn-themed wall decal or some rustic furniture.

Play around with the lighting

Play around with the lighting

Indoor lighting is an important element of your bedroom design, and can make such a big difference in the overall look and feel. Get ready for the cold season by adding multiple light options to create the perfect lighting scheme. Consider a bedside or table lamp with a low-watt bulb for soft lighting, or pendant lighting to create relaxing ambience on darker days. In keeping with the autumnal theme, pick lights that feature wood, natural materials, deep warm tones or metallic finish such as gold and brass.

Dune Table Lamp

The Dune Table Lamp features a bamboo base and natural linen shade with brushed steel accents, and is perfect for adding a natural autumnal accent to your bedroom.

Kimi Table Lamp

The Kimi Table Lamp adds a modern yet elegant touch with its sleek design and stunning contrast between the satin black base and rattan shade.

Arlen Table Lamp

A great bedside addition, the Arlen Table Lamp features a mid-century antique design with a brushed brass stem, brushed brass adjustable metal shade, and a concrete grey base.

Pia Floor Lamp

With its beautiful terracotta orange colour and classy architectural lines, this Pia Floor Lamp will make a great autumnal accent piece in your room.

1 Light Small Tarbes Copper Cage Pendant Light

Another great statement piece, the 1 Light Small Tarbes Copper Cage Pendant Light will suit those who prefer a vintage or modern industrial style.


View our full range of indoor lighting options to find one that will up the cosy autumn mood in your bedroom, or drop by any of our Australian Lighting stores today.