Adorn your house with exterior wall lights

When it comes to creating an inviting outdoor living space, much of the focus is firmly put on finding the right furniture. Couches and armchairs must be comfortable, but look impressive. Cushions must be able to withstand the elements, but also add an attractive pop of colour. And of course – furniture must be placed in strategic positions to effortlessly show off that vintage armchair you found online, while also encouraging conversation and laughter well into the night.


With the spotlight shining brightly on furniture, it’s very easy to forget about another, much more affordable way to transform your outdoor area into something truly wonderful: lighting. Outdoor lights turn your yard into a lively, fun space – perfect for hosting happy get-togethers on balmy summer nights and bringing a feeling of warmth to the gloomiest of winter days.


But when it comes to choosing the right kind of exterior lights, things can get a little tricky. For example, it’s so important that the light you choose is the right size for the space it will be occupying – the last thing you want is for your lighting to overpower your space, or leave some spots in shadow. Colour is another important aspect to consider. While black generally goes with everything, it can be too intense for an area filled with natural earthy tones, and in these cases you might want to opt for bronze lighting fixtures.


With various points to consider, to whom do you turn in your darkest hour? Where do you go? Australian Lighting of course! And lucky for you outdoor loving folk, we’ve just released three new exterior wall lights designed to complement the look and feel of any yard.


  1. Jaden GU10 Exterior LED Wall Light. A 9W LED globe encased in a matte black wall bracket, with clear seeded glass, the Jaden is a sophisticated outdoor light, perfect for those looking to enhance the sleek, modern exterior of their home. It is 30.5cm in height, 12cm in width, and has an extrusion of 10cm. The globe emits a warm white glow – ideal for use in seating areas, as warm light promotes relaxation.


  1. Maine Exterior Wall Light. The Maine is a black cast wall bracket compatible with LED globes. The striking design of this decorative light fixture will add an alluring antique feel to your outdoor setting, and is conveniently available in two sizes:


  • Small - 36cm in height, 15cm in width, and 20cm extrusion, and;
  • Large - 44cm in height, 20cm in width, and 25.5cm extrusion.


  1. Cambridge Exterior Wall Light. This upward facing exterior wall bracket is comprised of a die-cast aluminium frame and a ribbed glass diffuser. The eclectic yet simple design of this light fitting means it would beautifully complement an art-deco style residence, but work equally as well within a more traditional outdoor setting. It is available in black or white, so you can match these fixtures to your current colour scheme.


To enquire about any of our lighting products simply get in touch with us at Australian Lighting. Our team is well equipped to help you find a lighting solution to satisfy both your budget and design needs.