Australian Lighting Winter Warmers


Whats’ misssing from this picture is mood lighting for those long winter nights, cosied up on the couch. Our in- house lighting designers and experts @ Australian Lighting recommend the following pieces to enhance this look to take it to the wow level and create ambient lighting throughout your home. Take a look at what is trending now.

image2 (1)

The Olympia Pendant Designed by Mercator Lighting, is a modern take on the more traditional Chandelier, by introducing black this chandelier is brought into the modern era. And with its rectangular cut crystal pieces, gives this piece a Geometric look.

The Oylmpia is available in two sizes a 3 Light 28cm and a 4 Light 48cm. This Chandelier can be styled in a bedroom, WIR, over a dining room table or entrance of a hallway.

We recommend globing this pendant up with the 'Classic Led Carbon Look'. If you are wanting to dim, we also have dimmable globes for the Olympia Pendant. Just ask one of our lighting experts.


The Savona is a matching 5 Light pendant that compliments the Olympia pendant, but is designed by Fiorentino Imports. This pendant looks stunning over a kitchen Island bench or dining table to give a wow factor to any modern kitchen.

Pair the Olympia pendant with the Keji marble table lamp from Mayfield. A market leader in Lamps, From their humble origins at Melbourne's Glenferrie markets in 1945, Mayfield Lamps have grown to become a well-respected and admired supplier to the Australasian furniture & lighting industry.

Also, featured in our Winter Wonderland Collection is the Panama Table lamp with it’s Geometic shade and antique copper highlights. This will jazz any bedroom up this winter and what’s great is that the Panama has a matching floor lamp to go in the lounge room as well.