Choosing the right outdoor ceiling fans for your home

The classic Melbourne summer is well and truly here. The endless trips to parks and beaches can only perhaps be beaten by an afternoon nap in the backyard, enjoying the warmth and fresh breeze – perfect for a blissful siesta. The outdoor areas of your home are all set to be the spot for barbecues and get-togethers, and it’s time to see if you need to make any quick changes to make the space more cosy and welcoming.

While installing adequate outdoor lighting and ornamental fixtures would be first on the list, it’s becoming increasingly important to install ceiling fans in the outdoor areas too. An outdoor ceiling fan helps with air circulation and cools the place down on excessively hot days, while the gentle breeze keeps flies and mosquitos away.

Perhaps one of the more common misconceptions we come across is that all indoor fans are suitable to be installed in an outdoor area too. However, it’s always advisable to opt for ceiling fans that are designed for the outdoors – even if you intend to install it under a ceiling that is surrounded by walls on three sides. Moisture and dew in the colder months is bound to get into your fan, which would affect its effectiveness and durability in the long run.

When in the market for outdoor ceiling fans, you first need to consider where you plan to install it, since this would inform your choice in size and material composition. The fan should be made with stainless steel or aluminium so they don’t rust over time, whereas the blades must be made of timber, plastic or other weather resistant material. The motor of the fan should be able to withstand moisture and water. If your home is in a coastal area and close to the sea or ocean, you also need to consider installing fans that have been salt spray treated.

At Australian Lighting, we offer a range of outdoor ceiling fans that you can choose from. The Spyda ceiling fan range offers high airflow and low noise output, in addition to being offered in different styles and colours. The models come with durable corrosion proof and UV protected components, making them a suitable fit for the outdoors.



The Typhoon range features a range of fans made with weather resistant materials such as timber or steel, in addition to being powerful and well-designed.

Most fans in the Modn 4 range come with an LED light, and can also be operated with a remote. These lightweight fans are made with weather resistant materials, in addition to being rust free.

For more recommendations on choosing outdoor ceiling fans for your home, get in touch with us at Australian Lighting today.