Do you need the Big Fan?

Ceiling fans are a cost-effective solution to cool or maintain a comfortable temperature in a room. Besides traditional ceiling fans, big ceiling fans are now gaining popularity for areas needing a more powerful performance, such as large alfresco areas, warehouses, offices and restaurants.

A big ceiling fan is a fan that is larger than 54” in diameter, with some going as wide as 106”. These fans usually run at a slower speed than traditional ceiling fans, making them quieter and less interruptive. The larger blade spans are also able to spread a good amount of air across a bigger area, which means more effective cooling and better airflow in a big space.

It makes a lot of sense to have one large ceiling fan instead of installing many smaller, traditional fans in large, open spaces. Firstly, smaller fans would have to run at a high speed to create sufficient breeze, which not only makes the fans noisy but it would also consume more energy. Most large ceiling fans also come with DC motor technology these days, so they cost a lot less to run compared to traditional units.

Secondly, there is the look factor. Having a big large ceiling fan is a great way to update your interior. With so many attractive styles available, it is easy to choose one that can compliment your décor and stand out as an eye-catching statement feature.

At Australian Lighting, we carry a wide range of extra large ceiling fans that are perfect for big outdoor areas, warehouses, restaurants or homes with large alfresco areas. Some of our best-selling models include:

Noosa DC Ceiling Fan with CCT LED Dimmable Light and Remote in Teak/Black 60”

The Noosa ceiling fan features a modern design that suits any décor. Its 3 ABS moulded blades combined with a 24W motor gives it a quiet operation while producing maximum airflow. It also features a bright 18W LED light that is dimmable.

Tourbillion DC Industrial Ceiling Fan in White 80”

The Tourbillion ceiling fan is an 80” industrial ceiling fan designed for large rooms. The seven blades combined with a 47W DC motor provide excellent airflow. It is light adaptable, and come with a 5-speed remote control.

The Big Fan DC 2.2m (86”) in Natural Oak Blades

The Big Fan is one of the largest energy efficient ceiling fans on the market, and is perfect for large indoor or outdoor areas. It features 6 aerodynamic wedge compression blades, and comes with a 6-speed remote.

Rhino Large DC Ceiling Fan in Brushed Chrome with Remote Monster Size

This monster-size fan with an industrial look is ideal for moving air in large high ceiling rooms as well as alfresco living. Tropically rated, the 94” aluminium blades make the Rhino a good option for outdoor spaces, garages and sheds.

The Big Fan DC 2.7m (106”) in Matt Black

Looking for something that is bigger than big? This fan is one of the biggest ceiling fans on the market, with a whopping 2.7 meter blade! It would suit extra large spaces including warehouses, restaurants, or indoor/outdoor patios.

To view our complete range of extra large ceiling fans, please visit our website or hop in to any of our stores. Our team is more than happy to help you select one that best suits your budget and requirements.

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