Easy ways to maintain your outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting allows you to enjoy the yard and garden even after the sun goes down. But more than that, strategically placed outdoor fixtures can actually enhance the beauty of your home exterior and surroundings. Plus, by illuminating your porch, driveway, walkway, deck and backyard, these lights also improve safety and security.

To ensure your outdoor light fixtures continue to perform well for a long time, proper maintenance is important. Here are some easy ways to maintain your outdoor lighting.

Invest in the right lights

When you are planning for outdoor lighting, keep in mind that these lights will be exposed to heat, cold, rain, wind and debris, among other things. These elements can easily damage your outdoor fixtures, and so, it is important for you to choose lights that are reliable, durable and robust.

Speaking of choosing the right lights, there is a different light for almost any garden feature these days. There are pond and fountain lights, pathway and garden lights, bollard and post lights, pillar mount lights, outdoor step lights, in ground and deck lights, porch and under eave lights, outdoor wall lights. Pick one that is most suited for your intended usage.

Cover and secure cables

Electrical wires should never be left exposed, especially when they are outdoors. Supply cables should be protected and covered, and kept out of the way of usual traffic. If you have young children or pets at home, secure the cables at a place that cannot be easily reached by them.

It is even better if you are able to hide or totally conceal cables, but pick a place where you will not accidentally damage them. For example, hiding the cables among the bushes may seem like a good idea, until the gardener cuts it by accident when trimming the bush.

Plan your plant and lighting placement

As mentioned earlier, outdoor lighting is a good way to enhance and improve the look of your garden. Before installing the lights, try to have a better idea of the changes your garden goes through in each season, so that you can better plan where to put the lights.

In the same way, when adding new plants to the garden, do not place them too near your lighting fixtures. Some plants or trees grow rapidly and may get bigger than expected, and as such, can affect, obscure and even damage your lights.

Check fixtures periodically

As outdoor lights are constantly exposed to the elements, it is only expected that they sustain more wear-and-tear than indoor lights. Make it a point to check your outdoor lights once in a while, to ensure that they are still properly secured and not damaged.

Even if you don’t use the lights often, it is still worth a check. Damaged lights or shorting components can be a dangerous hazard, so make a quick walkthrough outside and around your home periodically to ensure all the outdoor lighting fixtures are in good condition.

Clean your outdoor fixtures regularly

Although outdoor lights will never be completely free of dirt and dust, it is still important to give them a good clean occasionally. There are a few reasons for this: firstly, lights that are too dirty do not look nice. Secondly, lights that are covered by too much dirt will not be as bright as they should be. And finally, lights that are too dirty can become dangerous as the build-up of dirt can cause light bulbs to burst or make the fixture too hot and melt.

For lights that are easy to clean and maintain, choose fixtures that are made of stainless steel or aluminium. These materials are resistant to corrosion and staining, which also makes them ideal for many applications, including seaside and coastal locations.

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