Elevate the beauty of your house with outdoor tree lights

Trees help enhance the look of any landscape. From small shrubbery to dense trees, there’s a variety of foliage you can expect in your landscape when buying a house, and a lot can be done to make them an attractive element of the property, in addition to the benefits they already provide. Using outdoor lighting is one such way to enhance the beauty of your house exteriors, by working with the foliage already available to you. You can choose from different types of lights to create different effects, ranging from creating a focal point to being a subtle addition.


Up-lighting is one of the most common way to use tree lighting, where a light fixture is placed close to a tree and faces upwards, adding a sense of drama while making the tree look more majestic. Moonlighting, on the other hand, creates subtle lighting with lights place high so they shine down a tree. Similarly, lights can be used to create silhouettes and shadows and that appear on an adjacent structure.


Once you’ve decided how you would like to accentuate the trees that surround your house, the next step is to make sure you select the most appropriate light fixtures to achieve the desired effect. Uplighting can be done using spot lights, accent lights and floodlights, whereas moonlight is created using floodlights, well lights and spotlights or accent lights. Silhouettes and shadows can created using floodlights, spot lights and accent lights.


One of the more important things to consider when choosing tree lighting is the extent to which your landscape will change through the year, as the seasons change. You also need to consider the size and shape of the trees that you want to accentuate with lighting. Another thing to consider is where you would like the trees to be seen from, since this would influence where you place the lights and how strong or subtle they will be.


One thing that remains constant, however, is the need to use good quality lighting fixtures. While the design will create an effect that you desire, from classic to something that’s more sleek and functional, using high quality lighting ensures durability and efficiency, which is equally important.


At Australian Lighting, you can choose from an extensive range of garden and tree lighting that are flexible, durable and efficient. Our Square Hooded Spike Floodlight comes with an antique brass finish and replaceable 5W LED globe in warm white. With a fully adjustable head. it helps create a dramatic effect while also being cost effective.


The Oslo 1Lt Adjustable Garden Spike light also comes with an LED light. The   metallic finish adds a sleek look that helps accentuate a minimalist décor style.


For more recommendations on choosing the best outdoor and tree lighting for your home, get in touch with us at Australian Lighting today.