Exterior lighting looks to inspire for Summer

As Summer is fast approaching we have selected some of our finest exterior lighting products to suit a vast selection of exterior applications, whether it be the decking ,retaining wall, alfresco / bbq area or garden. We can design, create and advise, on your outdoor area. Our vision is to provide adequate lighting, energy efficient, aesthetically pleasing and above all safe and secure for outdoor living.

Less is more. Outdoor lighting is subtle art, used to illuminate paths, highlight trees and plants and for letting you know where a building is. It’s no use lighting up your backyard like a sports game. Use the right lights for the right job; there’s a different outdoor light for almost any feature you care to light up. Use underwater lights for ponds and fountains, small path lights for paths and tree-mounted spotlights (not too bright) for that hint of moonlight.

This lovely outdoor space illustrates, in -ground , wall mounted and deck lighting. This is how you can get this look and more depending on area, budget and taste. These in ground lights are available in 240 v and 12 v.

Energy saving. Outside lights may seem like an extra expense reserved for the luxurious among us, but the cost can be minimal. Investigate different types of lighting... LED outdoor lighting uses much less energy than traditional incandescent and halogen globes , they are more energy efficient, hardy, needing fewer replacements. Think about the layout of your garden and what areas require light and where shadows will fall.

Making a plan of your garden will let you know exactly what’s needed to get the best out of your garden after-hours. Of course, the best way to save money is by not leaving your lights on all the time. You will only need outdoor lighting on the odd occasion, so keep it special and leave them off most of the time.

Exterior lighting looks to inspire for summer