Glam up your garden with Australian Lighting

While tending to and maintaining a yard may seem like more trouble than what it’s worth, your efforts pay off in the summer months, when the outdoor space of your home becomes the perfect venue for memorable parties and get-togethers. Backyard gardens look the best when a variety of foliage and grown and nurtured, but garden lighting is just as essential to make the space seem more warm and inviting.

At Australian Lighting, we stock a range of garden lights that would be perfect to light up your lawn, backyard, and other outdoor spaces. These lights need to suit the space they are installed in, while also being appropriate to the kind of events you intend to host in the future. Here’s a few Australian Lighting garden lights you can consider installing for your home, to make the best use of the outdoor space that’s on offer.

The Single Adjustable Spike Up Light is made with aluminium poly coated black. The light comes with a spike length of 285mm and a 2m reinforced cable, making it easier to install in areas that may not be right next to a power source. Pole or spike lights for outdoor spaces are highly versatile and can be used for a variety of situations, such as to highlight trees and flowers. The light comes with a fully adjustable head for tilt and rotation. They can also be used near water features, in addition to allowing for dramatic lighting with the use of coloured globes.
The Bollard Light with Spike has an antique brass finish, with a 510mm height and 225mm spike length. This is another spike light model, whose adjustable head makes it easy to use across a wide variety of design styles. Installing a spike light next to a set of steps or water feature is a more cost effective lighting solution than using a purpose designed light.
The Square Hooded Spike Floodlight also come with an antique brass finish. The spike is 225mm long, along with a 1m reinforced cable. The floodlight can be used to illuminate trees and shrubs, making them more attractive to look at in the evenings. Floodlights can also be installed near foliage in a way that hides the fixture, so all that one can see is the light, not its source.
The 316 Marine Grade Double Spike Light is made with 316 marine grade stainless steel, making it highly resistant to corrosion and weather conditions. The light comes with an internal cable and a spike that is 1000mm long. The light looks sleek and elegant and suits a décor style that is modern and classy.

To enquire about any of our garden lighting Melbourne customers can simply walk into one of our stores, or get in touch with us at Australian Lighting. Our team is well equipped to help you find a lighting solution to satisfy both your budget and design needs.