How to clean glass pendant lights

Glass pendant lights make a perfect addition in the kitchen, especially above the bench. Besides giving the area an extra boost of light, glass pendant lights can also provide a modern, finishing touch to the kitchen, or even work as a statement piece.

However, as we know, nothing stays clean forever. These glass pendants would soon accumulate dust, dirt, grease and grime. As time goes by, these once clear and pristine-looking glass pendants will begin to get foggy, and, at closer look, gross.

When that is the case, it is a good time to give these glass pendant lights a good clean. And with some simple steps, you can accomplish that in no time.

First, switch the light off. It is always a good idea to turn the light off before fiddling around with it. Plus, bulbs can get really hot even if they are on for just awhile. So, to be really safe, be sure that the light has been turned off for a bit before you start.

If the glass shade or globe is detachable, dismantle it and place it in the sink or a plastic laundry basket on the table. This will keep it from rolling off the surface (or your hands) and shattering.

If the glass shade is in the sink, you can give it a good rinse with water and gentle apply soap or detergent on it.

If the glass shade is not detachable or if it is on other surfaces besides the sink, wipe the glass shades with a damp microfiber cloth. Apply the detergent onto the cloth instead of directly on the glass shade.

TIP: Some abrasive cleaning pads or cloths and harsh detergents may cause tiny scratches on the glass finish, causing it to look cloudy over time. Look for mild cleaners and always use a smooth cloth. Be gentle.

To avoid leaving finger prints as you clean, it may be a good idea to wear gloves.

Once the glass shade has been rinsed off with water, or cleaned with the damp cloth, use another microfiber cloth to dry it off.

Then, carefully reattach the globe to the holder, and you’re done! Now you can turn the light on and be amazed by how bright and beautiful it is once again.

ANOTHER TIP: If you do not want to use glass cleaning detergent, dish soaps or vinegar work quite well too. For stubborn greasy spots, try a mixture of baking soda and dish soap, or eucalyptus oil with rubbing alcohol.

How often should you clean your glass pendant lights? There is no need to do it too often. Some may clean their light fixtures about twice a year, but it’s really up to personal preference. Although, the grease and grime on the shades will definitely let you know when they are due for another wash.

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