Keep the winter chill at bay with ceiling fans

Melbourne is expected to face one of its coldest winters this year, with temperatures predicted to drop to as low as -2.8°C. Upgrading heating systems and getting the wool coats out of storage are some of the things people do to prepare for the winter months. It’s also time to expect high gas or electricity bills due to your heater, unless if you’re someone who also makes use of the winter mode on your ceiling fans.


Using a ceiling fan during winter may sound odd, but there’s more to this method than what meets the eye. What most of you may not know is that ceiling fans today typically offer two working modes: winter and summer. So while we commonly use the ceiling fan to keep cool in the summer, changing it to a different mode ensures you can use it to stay warm too. Once you switch the ceiling fan to the winter mode, running it on a low speed will suffice, maintaining more comfortable temperatures in your home.


Limited air circulation in your home during winters due to closed doors and windows causes the warm air to rise towards the ceiling, pushing cool air towards the floor. Since we generally sit closer to the floor than to the ceiling, we are exposed to the cool air. This disparity in temperatures is clearly noticeable in rooms with high ceilings. Using a ceiling fan in its winter mode reverses the direction in which the fan rotates. As a result, cool air on the floor gets drawn up to the fan, which gets pushed towards the ends of the ceiling. The air in the room continues to mix in this manner, making it warmer and more comfortable for the people in it.


While heaters do a great job of keeping you warm in the winter, they also lead to higher energy bills, which can cause people to use them less often and rely on warmer clothes instead. Using a ceiling fan to stay warm is a more effective alternative, since it maintains warmer temperatures even when used on a low speed. Additionally, ceiling fans consume significantly lower energy, hence they can be kept on for longer and not result in a bigger bill. Ceiling fans are easily more cost-effective than heaters, and do a great job of keeping a space comfortably warm.


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