Keep warm with heat lamps this winter

The next few months are expected to be one of the coldest Melbourne has seen in a long time, and it’s only fair that you’re fully prepared for a chilly winter. Checking that your heating system works fine is the core of this preparation, but there’s other things that you can do to ensure winter goes by comfortably. Installing heat lamps in your home in one such, time-tested, cost-effective method that you can use.

Commonly referred to as a heat lamp or heater unit, these light fixtures do two or three jobs in one. These are incandescent light fixtures that light up a space, while also providing a focused source of radiant heat. These lights are typically used in bathrooms and showers to offer reasonable warmth in spaces that tend to be the coldest in winters, and often come equipped with an exhaust fan too. These lights heat up a space fairly quickly and are more economical to use for short spans too, such as when using the shower.

Heat lamps generally consume less electricity than bar heaters, making them a cost-efficient purchase. These are ideal for domestic use, and most suitable for smaller spaces such as bathrooms, since the heat they provide will concentrate on a specific area. Such heat is ideal for keeping warm right after stepping out of the shower and drying up, since this is when you would need some concentrated heat the most, whilst standing in the same spot.







Australian Lighting offers a range of heat lamps that you can choose from, finding one that suits your budget and requirements. The Ardene Quattro is a 3-in-1 bathroom unit featuring a heater, exhaust fan and light. It’s ideal for bathrooms or ensuites. The light comes with four 275W infrared heat lamps that provide instant heating, one 42W R63 halogen globe as a central light source and high airflow extraction. The light controller also comes with a wall controller comprising 4 switches included for separate heat, light and fan control, a mounting kit and cutout template.








The Magnus Quattro is a high performance bathroom heater that also has an exhaust fan and light. The high airflow extraction rate makes this a highly efficient unit, not to mention its instant heating function with durable IR lamps. The unit also comes with a wall controller with a 4 gang switch included for separate heat, fan and light control. Additional features include a thermal cut out for safety, removable fascia for easy cleaning and a cut out template.







The Regent 3-in-1 bathroom unit is a premium model that comes with a side duct exhaust, 12w LED centre panel and 2x500w infrared heat lamps with an aluminium grille. The instant radiant heat tubes provide warmth as soon as it’s turned on, whereas the energy efficient LED panel light makes it more cost-effective in the long term. The unit design makes it ideal for installation in a limited space too.

Gear up for a cosy winter with Australian Lighting with a range of bathroom heaters that offer both quality and durability. Visit our website or showroom to check out our lighting range.