Lighting ideas for a spring backyard makeover

Finally, the warmer days are here!

After spending months indoors due to the winter cold, we cannot wait to take full advantage of the beautiful sunshine and longer days to get back outside. Think: lounging in the backyard, reading a book or two, and throwing some outdoor parties and get-togethers.

In the spirit of spring (which beckons all things new), this is also a great time to give your backyard a little makeover with outdoor lighting.

Here are some lighting ideas to help you transform your yard for spring evenings.

String lights

String lights or festoons make amazing outdoor garden lights. Besides being fairly inexpensive and easy to set up, they are a quick way to inject that magical feel into your backyard. All you need to do is hang them up and plug them in and voila! A beautiful backyard. If you are really in a festive mood, you can even go for coloured string lights.


There is something inherently romantic about lanterns, which makes them perfect when you want to set a softer mood. Lanterns are also easy to move around, and they are available in a wide range of styles. You can choose to use old-fashioned lanterns that use candles, or opt for modern lanterns with LED lights.

Pendant lights

Pendant lights are often used as statement pieces but they don’t have to be restricted to within the house. If you have a shaded dining area in your backyard, consider installing a gorgeous pendant to add some personality and character to your yard. Just be sure to choose one that is suitable for the outdoors and can withstand the elements.

Pathway or ground lights

Position lights along the pathway or under trees and plants to keep your yard lit without being too overwhelmingly bright. Some garden spike lights can be adjusted, so you can also use them to illuminate a particular space or even plant to give your yard a highlight. If you prefer something more subtle and hidden, go for lawn lights that can be inserted into a lawn or garden bed, and even be mowed over without sustaining any damage.

Outdoor fans with lights

As much as we love the warmer days, we are also aware that there are days when the spring breeze simply isn’t enough to offset the heat. If your outdoor entertaining space is in an undercover location, keep it cool and bright with an outdoor ceiling fan with light. These outdoor fans come in various designs and styles, and they can definitely give your backyard a total uplift.

At the end of the day, your outdoor lighting should create an atmosphere that suits your personal preference and taste. Although, it is probably worth saying that you might want to stay away from having too many or too bright lights in your yard. Not only will it kill all relaxing ambience in your garden, but it might also be a nuisance to your neighbours. The perfect outdoor lighting for spring and summer outdoor parties is one that is warm, inviting and atmospheric.

If you need help in selecting the best outdoor lights and fans for your yard this spring, look no further! Australian Lighting has a wide range of outdoor lights and fans that can suit any décor and idea. For more information or recommendation, contact us today!