Make your bathroom look and feel better

Bathrooms are often placed at the bottom of the list of priorities when it comes to interior styling, but don’t underestimate the power a good bathroom can have over your moods as well as wellbeing!

Why are bathrooms so important? First of all, we spend a lot of our time there. We start our day in it, and we probably end our day in it too.

But more than just a functional space, bathrooms are now becoming a relaxation sanctuary. It is the place to go for some quiet reflection after a stressful day-to-day hustle, and, after a good shower or bath, we often find our wellbeing restored.

With bathrooms playing such an important part in our homes (and lives), more thought and effort should be placed in the design.

Even if you are not looking to spend big money to renovate your bathroom right now, here are three simple ways to make your bathroom look and feel better.

Light up the mirror

We spend most of the time in the bathroom looking at our reflection in the mirror. Good mirror lighting, or vanity lighting, is therefore extremely important to help with proper makeup application, shaving, tooth care and more. It also instantly makes your bathroom look and feel luxurious.


Bathrooms should smell nice. But before you bust out the air fresheners, candles and aroma diffusers, consider installing an exhaust fan. Good ventilation allows fresh air to move in and bad odours to get out. It also removes humidity and excessive moisture, which leaves the bathroom feeling dry and clean.

Keep it nice and warm

Since the bathroom is our sacred relaxation space, we should feel warm and comfortable in it. The last thing we’d want is to step out of a hot bath or shower into icy cold air, so it is worth investing in proper bathroom heaters. And since Melbourne is known to have four seasons in a day, these heaters can be handy even in spring and summer!

Australian Lighting carries a range of vanity lights, exhaust fans and bathroom heaters.

The Luxuria 1 Light Wall Light by Viore Design, like its name, is a luxurious addition to your space. It is hand made by skilled artisans, and finished in the highest quality polished nickel, with 24% Egyptian crystal accents.

If you’re looking for a dimmable vanity light to use above your bathroom mirror, Lynx 16W LED Vanity Light – Black is a good option. It has a black finish with frost acrylic lens, and will give your bathroom a modern touch.

The Tercel LED Exhaust Fan is a modern square design exhaust fan with a dedicated energy efficient 13W 1000 Lumen SMD LED Panel. It features a removable cover and diffuser, and a 100mm side exhaust duct to prevent ceiling objects falling through.

The Airbus 200 Round Exhaust Fan Black, on the other hand, is a good pick for smaller toilets, bathrooms and powder rooms. It has a high quality airflow with a Japanese Ball Bearing motor, and is easy to remove and clean.

The Regent 3 in 1 Bathroom Unit Silver comes with a bathroom ceiling heat, light as well as exhaust fan. It has instant radiant heat tubes and reinforced aluminium heat grates, and also comes with a thermal switch safety feature.

Meanwhile, the Neo Heat Module gives you the flexibility to position radiant heat anywhere you need it.

To learn more about these products, or to see other options, drop by any of our specialist stores in Melbourne or give us a call today!