New products in store now: dimmable and colour changing globes

Fact: Even though sunlight appears warm and golden from where you sit right now, the sun is actually bright white when seen from space. This is because its light is not scattered by our atmosphere. Interestingly, from Venus you wouldn’t see the sun at all, as the atmosphere is too thick. And you would be dead.

Thankfully, if you require white light, you don’t need to travel to outer space to find it. In fact, you can enjoy the ambience of warm light, as well as the practically of cool, white light from the comfort of your own home, with a little help from Australian Lighting. We understand that the mood of a room depends on the colour and intensity of light being emitted from its globe. Good lighting – the right lighting - is not optional, it’s a necessity.

Our latest product range ensures you have the right light for every occasion. Whether you’re working hard on a new brief and need every corner of the room illuminated so that you can focus, or you’re hosting an intimate gathering and require a soft glow, our new range of globes has you covered.

Despite their popularity and versatility, dimmer globes are becoming increasingly difficult to find. Which is why we have launched three new products designed to meet your indoor and outdoor dimming needs. But if you don’t have a dimmer – don’t worry – we have a globe you can dim with the flick of a switch OR a globe you can change from warm to cool light without having to leave the comfort of planet earth.

These are the five new products you’ll find in our stores, and exactly how you can use them in your home to create your ideal lighting environment.

1. LED Dimmable Globe 4x Pack - Day Light. These dimmable Day Light globes are perfect for use as spotlights, downlights, exterior up and down wall lights, and garden lights. If you’re after dimming at an affordable price, this four pack will give you bang (and a lot of light) for your buck.

2. LED Dimmable Globe - Warm White. Did someone say dimmable outdoor lighting? Yes, we did. This environmentally friendly globe is perfectly suited to outdoor lights, LED downlights, and spotlights. You can expect a beautiful, even light distribution, with low energy consumption.

3. LED Dimmable Globe Twin Pack - Warm White. These dimmable downlight globes emit a warm white light, perfect for a variety of spotlight fittings.

4. Colour Temperature Changing LED Globe - Edison Screw. Flick between Warm White, Day Light, and Cool Light to change the colour of the room – this is customisable lighting with the flick of a switch! While Warm White is ideal for relaxation purposes, the cooler colour settings are more suited to working or reading.

5. Switch Dimmable LED Classic Globe. Do you love the idea of dimming, but don’t have a dimmer dial? (Say that five times quickly!) Well you can take the brightness of your room from 10% to 100% - with just the flick of a switch. This is technology at its best.

So where ya going? Hopefully not Venus. Instead, head on down to Australian Lighting, where we can take care of all your lighting needs, and then some. Or shop online and enjoy free shipping for orders over $100.