Opt for efficiency and durability with LED downlights

LED downlights have become increasingly popular over the years as a lighting solution for homes, offices and other spaces. They illuminate specific work areas just as easily as offering general lighting in a given space. Additionally, LED downlights also alter the mood of a room by adding some much needing brightness, without appearing harsh and clinical. Downlights with dimmers can also be used to adjust the brightness in a space, from bright to a softer light that feels more appropriate in the evening.

Another advantage of using LED downlights is the efficiency that comes with it. LEDs are the most energy efficient lighting options in the market, offering a low-running cost that will significantly reduce your electricity bills, without compromising on quality. LED downlights tend to be more expensive, but they end up being more economical in the long run, making them an ideal choice for people conscious about their budget and expenses.







Australian Lighting stocks a wide range of LED downlights Melbourne-based customers can choose from, or shop from the online store. The D700+ Trio LED Downlight comes with 2150 lumens of illumination across three low-glare D700+ in one fitting. Although the three lights are fitted in one fixture, they can be individually reoriented as per your needs, giving you more control over which spaces are illuminated. The downlight minimizes glare while also adding visual depth to an otherwise uniform ceiling space. The lights in this fitting are also dimmable, and the product comes in black or white, giving you more freedom to use it as per your needs.








The 18W Surface Mounted Square LED Downlight has an aluminium power coated white finish. The cool white option offers 1620 lumens, and the warm white option offers 1440 lumens. The square downlight saves on your heating and cooling costs too, and has a 120 degree beam angle, distributing the light over a wider space.


The D900 SHX Curve LED Surface Mounted Downlight is a minimalist style that offers flexibility and adaptability. The dimmable LED downlight uses a constant friction hinge that be adjusted to articulate light at any point in its full movement range. The light can rotate 360 degrees and tilt up to 90 degrees. The light also eliminates the need for cutouts and gaps in insulation, stopping internal air from escaping through the roof, increasing overall thermal efficiency.

Australian Lighting offers customers an extensive range of fans and lights, suitable diverse needs and budget. Get in touch with us today for lighting solutions that will bring your design ideas to life.