Quick ways to improve your bathroom

A UK research has found that an average person spends about one and half years of their lifetime in the bathroom. That’s a lot of time spent in an otherwise overlooked room in the house!

The bathroom is the place we start and end the day with. Besides using it for cleaning and grooming purposes, it is also where we get to relax and be alone with our thoughts. In fact, a beautiful bathroom makes us feel good. Think of all those times when you stayed in luxury hotels or visited spas, and how their bathrooms enhanced your holiday mood.

Or, to put it in a better perspective, think of how dirty, ugly bathrooms have killed your joy.

More than just an indulgence, it is widely agreed that an attractive bathroom can also be a unique selling point that increases the value of your house!

Here are 5 quick ways to improve and make your bathroom stunning:

Add some plants

One of the fastest ways to bring freshness and life into your bathroom is by adding a house plant. Whether it’s a large indoor plant or some smaller ones on the vanity counter top, having some greenery can instantly lift up the space. If your bathroom is windowless, however, fake plants may be a better option.

Pay attention to the accessories

Don’t forget the small details, because they can really make a difference. We are talking about bathroom accessories such as toothbrush holders, soap dispensers, storage solutions, towels and more. Match them to your décor if possible, so that your bathroom looks put-together. For an even more spa-like feel, lay out some white fluffy hand towels, a lush scented soap or hand cream, and some indulgent scented candles.

Upgrade your lighting

It is often said that lighting can make or break a room, and this rings true even for the bathroom. Vanity wall lights bring a softer and warmer vibe to the space, while still bright enough for shaving and makeup application. Wall lights with luxurious or modern designs can also bring a touch of sophistication to the room.

Keep it well ventilated

Luxury bathrooms always smell fresh and clean. Besides using air fresheners, you should also ensure that your bathroom is properly ventilated. A good ventilation system allows excess moisture, heat, steam and odour to escape, and also reduces the chance of mould or mildew growth. Open up the windows whenever you have the chance, or install an exhaust fan to prevent your bathroom from becoming stuffy and smelly.

Inject some warmth

As the bathroom is where we relax and wind down, it needs to be warm enough especially during the winter months. There are many good and affordable bathroom heaters available, or even 3-in-1 solutions such as the IXL Luminate Single Bathroom Heat, Dimmable Light and Fan. With a good heating system in the bathroom, you can comfortably rest in the bath or take your time in getting ready, without feeling uncomfortable at all.

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