Quick Ways to Improve Your Home’s Air Circulation

Research has shown that poor indoor air quality can be detrimental to our health. As more people are spending most of their time indoors these days, it is becoming more important than ever to ensure that there is good air circulation in your home.


There are many benefits to having good air circulation in your home. Firstly, proper ventilation helps you get rid of any unwanted odours, such as from cooking, smoke, or pets. It can also control the level of moisture indoors, as too much moisture can lead to mould, mildew and other damage to your home.


Without good ventilation, the build-up of pollutants, bacteria and dust will aggravate allergic reactions and cause other illnesses, such as respiratory issues or skin irritation.


Some studies have also found that our brain performance can also be affected by ventilation in the space we work or study in. Good air circulation improves our attention and concentration, while poor indoor air quality does the opposite.


So how do we improve air circulation at home?


The good news is that it does not need to be a complex and expensive process. Here are some quick and easy ways to improve your home’s air circulation:


Open up the windows

The easiest way (and the first thing you should do) to improve ventilation in your home is to open up your windows. The natural breeze will regulate the humidity and dampness inside your house, and, besides letting the fresh air in, it will also let the stale air out.


Check your vents

If you have an air conditioning system, be sure to check and clean the vents regularly as dust and pollutants can accumulate in ducts. This not only obstructs airflow, but it also means your air conditioning unit is blowing out dust and other allergens into your home.


Replace or clean air filters

Similar to vents, the air filters in your air conditioners need to be cleaned or replaced often, at least every six months, so they do not get clogged up with dust and dirt. The same should also be done for standalone air filtration or air purifying units.


Install a ceiling fan

Adding a ceiling fan is another easy solution to improve air circulation in your home. Besides helping you to stay cool in the summer, ceiling fans can facilitate airflow and keep the indoor air from becoming stale or stuffy. When paired with an air conditioner, ceiling fans can also help you save on energy costs, as they improve the distribution of cold air, and allow you to raise the thermostat without affecting comfort.


At Australian Lighting, we offer a wide range of indoor ceiling fans to suit Australian homes, and they include:


Trinity DC Ceiling Fan - Oil-Rubbed Bronze Motor with Koa 56”

Trinity DC Ceiling Fan - Oil-Rubbed Bronze Motor with Koa 56”

The Trinity ceiling fan comprises three beautifully moulded Polymer blades, and can be used indoors as well as outdoors (undercover areas). The Trinity is extremely energy efficient with a 34w DC motor, and comes with an impressive 8-speed remote control with functions of a timer and reverse mode for summer and winter.


Azure Ceiling Fan - Matt Black 48”

Azure Ceiling Fan - Matt Black 48”

The Black Azure Timber bladed 48” fan has an elegant sleek look, perfect for modern homes. It has a durable die cast aluminium body, and is made with the highest grade wiring and motor components. It also has sealed bearings to ensure quiet operation and long life. Despite its compact size, the Azure features a very high airflow, and the 4 blades are made from high quality New Zealand plywood with a painted finish.

Eagle DC Ceiling Fan with Remote in oil Rubbed Bronze 56”

Eagle DC Ceiling Fan with Remote in oil Rubbed Bronze 56”

The Eagle DC Ceiling Fan features a uniquely shaped design for stronger airflow. Tropically rated, its Sea Breeze technology allows automatic variable speed control. The Eagle’s three swooping ABS blades and energy efficient 35w DC motor will keep your home cool and well ventilated while keeping your energy bills low.


Spyda Ceiling Fan with LED Light White 36”

Spyda Ceiling Fan with LED Light White 36”

This Spyda fan is a fully moulded plastic alloy composite 3-blade ceiling fan with durable corrosion proof and UV protected components. Its low noise output makes it ideal for bedrooms, while the aerodynamic blades combined with True Spin Technology produces increased air circulation. It also features an ECO Switch Setting, which allows the fan to run at a reduced running cost while maintaining adequate air circulation.


To view our full selection of indoor ceiling fans, please visit the Australian Lighting website. Need help in selecting the best fan for your space? Use our Fan Selector to find the right one, or contact our team directly.