Selecting outdoor lighting for your home

Come winter, the sun sets significantly earlier than it used to, and the absence of daylight in the evenings makes it harder to step into the backyard, even if for a few minutes when doing chores. As a result, while you may not use the outdoors for any gatherings and functions, you still need the right kind of lighting to illuminate the exterior of your home for security and convenience. Since this lighting is mainly to ensure you can walk around your home easily at night without missing a step, it’s important that the lights you choose help with visibility over any other aesthetic quality.


So how do you select exterior lighting that is the right balance between functionality and style? The first thing you must consider here is the style of your home. Depending on if the overall façade is more contemporary or traditional, you will need to choose lighting that suits the style, instead of being an awkward fit. The colours used in the stonework and walls are another factor you need to consider. For example, brass or copper lighting typically looks best on homes with earthy toned exteriors. Similarly, black or white lights complement grey or slate tones.


Once you’ve decided which colours you must get your lighting in, the next thing to consider is the placement. While aesthetic are a key determinant of where you would install the lights, you need to ensure you’re illuminating areas you frequent most, such as the porch and backyard. If your lights don’t brighten up the porch to the extent you would prefer, this will be a problem when you’re returning home late at night, or when you’re back from a late-night supermarket run with several bags of groceries. Usually, a porch light alone isn’t enough, and you need to use more lights in the area to ensure good visibility in the evenings.


It must be noted here that there is such a thing as too much lighting – something you may have felt when switching the bathroom light on at 2am whilst half-asleep. Excessive lighting in the outdoors can lead to a harsh glare, especially if your home’s windows use a translucent glare. So when choosing outdoor lighting, ensure the bulbs you select offer a soft glow, while also providing the right level of illumination.


Finally, consider the energy efficiency of your outdoor lights. Outdoor lighting gets used more often than you would realise, and it’s important to ensure you’re keeping your energy bills in mind when buying lighting. Energy efficient lighting is more cost-effective, without compromising on functionality.


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