Stay warm with ceiling fans this winter

Interested in keeping your house warmer in winter without incurring a hefty heating bill? Keeping your ceiling fan on might just do the trick. While this may sound counter intuitive at first, this is sound advice that you must actively consider.

Typically, we tend to close our houses in winters and keep the heating system on, which helps us heat our houses up. However, this also results in limited circulation in the room,  resulting in the warm air rising higher, closer to the ceiling, while we’re left with cooler air at the bottom, closer to the floor. This becomes more obvious in houses with high ceilings. While turning up the thermostat in such a scenario helps keep the room warmer, it’s not the most efficient approach and inevitably results in an increased usage of the heating system.


This problem can be overcome by switching on the ‘winter mode’ on your ceiling fan. All modern fans come a winter mode, which can be switched on to reverse the direction in which the blades rotate. Using the fan in winter mode on a low speed will allow for air circulation in your room despite the windows being closed. Of course, you can gradually increase the fan speed to suit the size of your room and the height of the ceilings to achieve the desired result. The added bonus of using your ceiling fan in winters is a relatively lower energy bill, since you will end up using the heating system lesser than usual.


At Australian Lighting, we offer an extensive range of ceiling fans that you can choose from, including models with and without a light attached to it. Our Eagle DC Ceiling Fan comes with a 3 year home warranty and 6 year motor warranty and a remote control too. Available colours include white, black and brushed chrome.

The Trinidad II DC Ceiling Fan has 6 speed options, 2 years in home warranty and 5 years motor warranty. Colour options include black and white, and the fan also comes with a remote control for ease of use.

The Intercept 2 is a bestselling model, and is ideal for bedrooms, generating good airflow without being too noisy. The fan has timber blades and an aluminium body, and three speed options to choose from.

For more recommendations on choosing ceiling fans for your home, get in touch with us at Australian Lighting today.