Style your home with pendant lights

Looking for a way to update your home décor this summer? Well, think beyond the walls and furniture – many designers agree that having the right lighting can instantly transform the look of a space.

Pendants are popular stylish designer lights that can add some personality and character to a room that is otherwise looking a bit dull. Some benefits of pendant lights include:


Pendant lights come in many options these days, with various shapes, sizes and materials. Plus, pendant lights can be hung at different heights according to your preference.

Different uses

Pendant lighting can be used for overall illumination, as they are able to provide a broader spectrum of light compared to spotlights. You can also choose to use pendants as accent lighting to highlight specific areas.

Stylish designs

Pendant lights look good. They used to only be considered for contemporary looks, but with the many designs and styles available now, pendant lights work for both traditional and modern themes.

How to use pendant lights in your home

As pendant lights can fit into any themes, you can use them in almost any room:

In the living area

In open spaces like living areas, pendant lights can be used to accentuate certain spaces, such as a lounge setting or a reading corner. Add some whimsical touches to your living room by hanging groups of pendants at varying heights.

In the kitchen

Pendant lights are a very popular choice for the kitchen, and they are usually hung over an island bench. Besides giving you enough illumination as you chop and prepare food, these fixtures can provide the illusion of a bigger space as well as incorporate style to the overall space.

In the dining area

If you spend a lot of time entertaining and eating with friends in your dining area, try going for a large pendant as a statement piece that will really make the space stand out. Also, hanging pendant lights over the dining table means you can choose to let them sit lower without worrying that someone will knock their head on them.

In the bathroom

With pendant lights, you get to create a luxurious mood in your bathroom while putting light exactly where you need it. Remember to go for pendants that are able to withstand water and steam, especially if they are near a bath or high steam area.

In the bedroom

Pendant lights are generally used to replace bedside lamps, especially when there is not much space for lampstands. Not only do pendants work well to frame the bed within the room, they also create a cosy atmosphere. A tip to keep in mind when installing pendant lights in the bedroom – add dimmer switches to give you the option of bright lights (for reading) as well as softer lights (for relaxing).

At the front porch

Welcome your visitors with a single pendant hung over the doorway, or style your porch with several lights to provide a beautiful ambience for nights outside. Again, be mindful to choose pendants that are weatherproof and made for outdoors.


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