The Advantages of LED Lighting for Melbourne’s dark nights

Melbourne, If you're looking for an option that is maintenance free, buzz/hum free, and damage free. LED lighting is the way to go. Led has the hi-tech ability to convert watts to lumens, giving you directional source to place light, exactly where you desire, with the assurance of it rarely going out.

We've selected the best advantages for going LED to help light up Melbourne's darkest nights.

  • LED Savings $$$
    LED bulbs provide a 75-80% improvement in power savings. And LED's last almost three times longer than the average light bulb. On average, LED bulbs typically last 25,000-50,000 hours with excellent Energy Star ratings while classic bulbs last only 1,000 hours.
  • Energy efficiency:
    LEDs can produce the same amount of light for much less energy, decreasing those carbon footprints. For instance; measured in lumens, to reach 1,100 lumens, an incandescent bulb requires 75 watts, a CFL bulb 25 watts and an LED 15 watts. LEDs produce far more light per watt than either other type of bulb. LEDs are the greenest option on the market
  • Light Quality:
    LED lights comes in a spectrum of color temperatures, from warm white 2,900k to cool white 4000k. (K is for Kelvin.) Having a variety of light colours to choose from you can place light where you need it most. For example: Cool White is used in task area's such as Bathrooms, Study and Laundry and Warm White for Bedrooms, dining and lounge areas.
  • Lifespan
    They last longer. The average incandescent light lasts 1,000 hours, the average CFL 10,000 hours, and LED last 25,000 hours. On average, you can expect to replace an LED bulb every 10 to 20 years; some last a lifetime.

  • Variety
    LEDs can be arranged into almost any imaginable shape, from traditional bulb designs to fit your old fixtures, to long lamp arms, to chandelier pendants, allowing for a range of lighting designs.


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