Tips on Lighting Your Kid’s Room

When it comes to planning the lighting design for your kid’s bedroom, it is quite similar to any other room in your house, in that you generally need ambient lighting, task lighting, and perhaps accent lighting as well.


Some considerations that may help you decide on the type of lighting to put up in the room:

  • What are the activities that often take place in the room?
  • Does your child have a desk space for study and homework?
  • Is reading in bed a nightly routine?
  • Does your child like to play with intricate toys or puzzles that require good lighting for better vision?

With that in mind, here are some quick tips to help you pick the right lighting for your child’s bedroom:


Have a variety of lighting options

As the room is a space for a variety of activities, it is often not enough to just have one type of lighting.

An overhead lighting such as ceiling-mounted fittings or pendant lights will give an overall illumination for your kids to go about their usual daily practical tasks, such as dressing, or play.

If your child will be doing homework in the bedroom, you can have a desk lamp or a floor lamp right next to the table. A reading lamp on the bedside table is also important, not just for bedtime reading and stories, but to help your kid wind down and prepare to sleep.


Get lighting pieces that fit the size of the space

If your child’s bedroom is small, going for a smaller table lamp or floor lamp would be a good idea, to avoid having the room look and feel too cluttered.

If the room is spacious, however, you can play around with a fancier lighting option that can double as a statement piece.


Don’t forget night lights

Many children, especially younger ones, do not like being in a room that is pitch black. Having a night light can keep the room from getting too dark, and let your child feel comfortable and secure.

Night lights are also great for safety, especially if you or your child need to move around at night. Besides the bedroom, you should consider installing night lights in the bathroom, by the stairs, or in the hallways too.


Table lamps make great decor

Table lamps are always in view and can be used as a design piece in the room. Not only that, but they are small and easily replaceable as your child goes through different stages or even different favourite characters!

With so many options available, you can easily choose one that suits your aesthetic, or go with fun and quirky ones that will bring a smile to your child’s face.


Quality lamps and lights for your kid’s room

At Australian Lighting, we carry a wide range of lamps and lights that are suitable for nurseries and children’s rooms. Our selection includes:

Sara Table Lamp - White

Sara Table Lamp

This task lamp is perfect as a decorative, desk or bedside lamp. Available in multiple colours including Hot Pink, Mint, Blue, Yellow, Pink and Red, it is perfect to brighten up nurseries and kids’ rooms.

Brady Table Lamp

Brady Table Lamp

With an On/Off touch switch, there is no longer a need to fumble through cables when you need to turn the lamp on or off. Featuring natural timber with chrome plate on base, the Brady Table Lamp makes a great bedside lamp in a modern and stylish bedroom.

Tyrannosaurus Rex Lamp

Tyrannosaurus Rex Lamp

This soft plastic dinosaur LED lamp is safe for kids, and will definitely make any Jurassic Park fan roar with delight.

Giraffe Kids Lamp

Giraffe Kids Lamp

A beautiful desk lamp with a little night light underneath, this Giraffe Lamp features 3 stages of brightness, with light soft enough to create a cozy environment. Available in yellow, white and pink.

Mobile Fairy With Timer

Mobile Fairy With Timer

This mobile night light features thick acrylic shapes, each lit by its own colour-changing LED. The lights are gentle and soothing for baby’s eyes, yet provide enough light for practical tasks such as a night time feed or a diaper change.

For our full selection of kids’ lights and lamps, please visit our website today. If you need assistance in finding a specific lamp, just let us know and our team will be more than happy to help you.