What do Napoleon, Chanel and Marie Antoinette have in common? All things French

If you're someone who loves sleek, sophisticated furniture and lighting paired with comfortable linen and old world charm, perhaps French provincial lighting is for you. This interior design evokes with natural grace that is achieved by effortless arrangement of raw materials, making use of wrought iron, crystal, stone and metals. It suits homeowners with practicality in mind; a tasteful décor that will never go out style and will keep your home looking warm and cosy every season of the year.

Fresh modern looks bring French Provincial into the Modern home with ease, A simple 5 arm pendant with a natural linen shade makes any room look sleek, textured and homely, without the bling. Here at Australian Lighting we can DESIGN AND ORDER clip on fabric shades in over 30 colours, in wallpaper or in your own fabric. Our extensive range of pendants and colour swatches will elevate any interior whilst inspiring simplicity with style.

Sophisticated Contemporary Elegence

These stunning looks are available ON REQUEST

In a sea of minimalist design the French stand valiantly in defiance of stark walls, shadow lines and modernist furniture. While urban elegance is hard to duplicate outside of the high ceilings, parquet floors and ornate walls of your favourite Parisian quarter, the French provincial style is far more accessible.

Done poorly, it sits in conflict with modern lifestyles and aesthetics. Done well, it offers the comforting combination of elegant adornment and understated materials which hark back to simpler times.

French provincial furniture was originally a rustic, simplified form of the ornate furniture found in French palaces and estates in the early to mid 1700’s. In its most refined form it embraces a lovely juxtaposition between an ornate decorative heritage reminiscent of artisanal skill and luxury and the pared back style of country residences.

Once a flurry of blues, yellows, pinks and reds, the French Provincial styles now takes its inspiration from aged surfaces reflecting the stone, lichen, timber and lime-wash found in ancient villages all over the south of France. This restrained palette and the ease in which the pieces reflect their age and aging offers a warmth even in contemporary spaces.

Warmth aside, why does French provincial style continue to flourish outside of France and in particular in urban areas? Scale for one thing. Very little contemporary furniture offers the sense of presence that French provincial pieces do without being visually heavy and, lets say it, overly masculine.

While in no way prissy, French provincial furniture and lighting has more in common with the female form than most. It is comfortable and tactile while still being refined. This is furniture you touch with your eye and your hands. The blend of curved timber and padded seats finds you running your hands over the warm timber as you nestle into your favourite reading spot in the sun. The preference for aged linens and natural tones and fibres work well in warm climates all and sits comfortably with our new views on ecological elegance.

Elegance and comfort are a surprisingly difficult combination to achieve. Perhaps this is the reason for this style’s longevity and broad appeal. Or perhaps French provincial furniture offers the best of subliminal armchair travelling – it is a year in Provence without actually taking a year out.