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Enjoy the outdoors with beautiful lighting

Outdoor lighting is often overlooked, but it plays an important role in enhancing the look and experience of your home's exterior and surroundings.

Strategically placed outdoor fixtures can enhance the beauty of your garden and emphasise certain elements, such as water features or the garden landscape. Besides that, having good outdoor lighting allows you to enjoy the yard and garden even after the sun goes down. Create a comfortable alfresco area or transform the garden into an entertaining space that is perfect for hosting dinner parties.

Whether illuminating your porch with festoon lights, or a walkway with bollards, light adds ambience and mood. it can also improve safety and security by helping you see in the night. Some exterior lights come with motion sensors, not only are they energy-efficient but can also alert you to movements around your house.

When choosing your outdoor fixtures, be mindful of where they will be placed. Lights that will be exposed to water or the elements such sun, rain and dust, should have a suitable IP rating to ensure proper protection levels. It is also recommended that you use fixtures that are made of stainless steel or aluminium, as these materials are good at resisting corrosion.  Our Pond and Fountain Lights, as well as Coastal or 316 Stainless Steel Range are perfect for these applications in your garden, and also seaside and coastal locations.

Online Lighting Store in Melbourne

As one of the leading lighting stores in Melbourne, Australian Lighting and Fans has a wide range of outdoor lights in different styles and sizes for all applications.

Browse our extensive selection of modern exterior wall lights, traditional wall lights, under eave lighting, porch and hanging lights, in ground and deck lights, outdoor step lights, pillar mount lights, garden spikes and tree lights, pond and fountain lights, bollard and post lights, security lights, and more.

Whatever lighting you need for your garden or home exterior, we have it all covered.