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About Us

Welcome to Lighting Stores Melbourne, proudly owned and operated by Australian Lighting.

Australian Lighting has been in the lighting business for 25 years. It is proudly Australian owned and a family operated business.  We have three well-known stores throughout Melbourne and one in Sydney. All with very experienced staff members that are very knowledgeable, friendly and will provide you with practical and creative solutions for your home within your budget.

We have a huge range from LED Lighting, Downlights, Ceiling Fans, Low Energy Lighting, Strip Lighting, Garden and Pool Lighting, Bathroom Heaters, Pendants, Lamps and all kinds of Globes. We stock all major brands Mercator Lighting, Havit Lighting, Hunter Pacific, Prestige Fans, Brilliant Lighting, Domus Lighting, Crompton Lighting, Matrix Innovations, Gentech Lighting, Axiom Lighting, Lode Lighting, Hunza Lighting, V & M Imports, Focus Lighting, Aqualux Lighting, CLA Lighting,Cougar Lighting, Fiorentino Lighting, Sunny Lighting, IXL, Telbix Lighting, United Global Enterprises, Hermosa, Oriel Lighting, Eglo Lighting and Superlux.

What sets us apart from other lighting stores is


- Our customers come to us via Word of Mouth
- If there’s a specific light you need, we go out of our way to get it for you
- We are known for LED, Garden and our Huge Range of Ceiling Fans
- We offer very competitive prices


We encourage you to bring your house plan and do a deal.

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  • Mercator
  • Brilliant Lighting
  • Brightgreen
  • Sunny Lighting
  • Aqualux Lighting
  • Cougar Lighting
  • Havit Lighting
  • Omni Lighting
  • IXL Appliances
  • Hunter Pacific
  • Matrix Innovations
  •  Nordlux
  • Ventair
  • Three Sixty
  • Eglo